With my designs, knowledge and expertise, I can help you to fulfill any lighting idea and make it a reality.

What is the process?

Together we can discuss your idea and your goals and objectives in order for me to get a clear picture of what you want. The creative process will then start and I will look at the different possibilities that could fit your requirments. Once these are clear, it gets really exciting as this is when we can look at some possible designs! If this suits you, I can help you to produce the desired light design. All productions are hand-made.

Why choose for Design By Marc?

Experience: for more than 20 years, I have been interested in designing and producing lighting fixtures and accessories.

Know-how: as a light designer, consultant and expert, I can assist you from the beginnings of an idea until after the installation of your new lights. I will do my very best to make sure both the technical design and the light will meet your needs.

Light advice: I will guide you through the steps of deciding about lighting. Together, we will find the ideal lighting mix that fits your needs and still keep an eye on fitting designs.

Flexibility: my own production workshop, in combination with my knowledge and experience, lead to a very flexible workspace. This finds expression in a great quality/price balance, great creativity and an almost unlimited range of fixtures.

Central location: thanks to my advantageous location in Europe, I am the ideal person to light up your lighting idea.

Own production: I have the possibility to create a huge range of products myself with different ways in which to use wood, metal, perspex and other materials. 

A-Quality suppliers: for quality reasons, I only work with the best suppliers in the field. That way I can guarantee the high-end quality of my products.

Custom-made: do you have a specific challenge? Do you want your lighting equipment to meet specific dimensions or color requirements? I can take care of your lighting equipment, made-to-measure.

How can I help you?

When the standard products cannot help you realizing your idea….

You want to change your previous equipment but:

- the dimensions do not match

- the way of assembling does not correspond

- part of the old device should remain because of the design

You want to integrate an existing device in a new project but:

- another light source achieves a better result

- another color better suits your interior

- another way of assembling or other dimensions reduce the installation costs considerably

You want an exclusive device for yourself, a project, …

In these situations, I can create your custom-made lighting device. The creation can be based on an existing lighting device, or can be started from scratch. That way, together we will find the perfect balance between dimensions, assembly, design and light technical specifications. By integrating a creative sensibility, innovation and an emotional touch to our lighting projects, and by combining pragmatism, perfectionism and a technical specificity in projects, I am able to reach a synergy, and to provide truly unique results. I try to achieve the most creative lighting design, in terms of aesthetics, function, flexibility, maintenance and cost. While at the same time create the environment of the highest quality for the users whilst continuously looking for equipment and materials to reduce energy consumption as far as possible.