A design of which only one is made, making this design unique. Some custom designs also belong in this category. These are designs that originated from the creativity of the designer and that are worthy of being there due to the methods of fabrication, materials used and/or the light image which gives a different perspective on the light fixture. This can be because the light source processing is non-standard, or because the materials used differ from the usual materials. These designs take a lot of time before the creation can start. The manufacturing process is time-consuming because these designs are often made up of many hundred parts. Techniques that are commonly used in these designs are 3D printing and laser cutting. These techniques are mainly carried out in-house allowing the required components to go through many stages before it is ultimately used as manufactured part. However, the end-product is certainly worth waiting for! 

Almost 100 stars

This "geodesic dome" originated in mathematics.
A sphere composed entirely of triangles. In order to
achieve this, there are used more than 1200 parts!
The construction has nearly 600 LEDs that spread in all directions the light. The selected LEDs seems, in passing, to illuminate like stars.

Because of its open structure this fixture creates a
"wow" effect hanged in any appropriate space.

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XO Series

The fixture in the pictures is the O. Due to the position of the led's, the light projection on the ceiling is beautifully built-up by the rectangles.

The XO series is designed to be placed on ceilings or walls. The fixture is made out of aluminum, illuminated with 300 led's and hangs 12 cm under the ceiling.

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Circles 50/60/70

Delicate when OFF and futuristic when ON, this fixture is perfect above a grand dining table.

These 3 Perspex circles contain 350 bright white led’s in total and hang on 6 stainless steel wires which are attached to the ceiling on 4 points.

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Limited Edition

Almost every design is unique and available in limited quantities only. To find out more, please visit the Products page.

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Gallery Collection

The gallery collection displays all sorts of divers fixtures with different materials to fit everyone tastes. 

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Custom Designs

This fixture is designed to hang from a ceiling. It gives a beautiful lighting pattern visible on the sides of the ceiling as well as light into the room.

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