Some designs fit different needs and different spaces. These multiple-use designs are only made upon demand. In some designs it is possible, in agreement with the customer, to make adjustments to the customer's specifications so that it turns into something unique.

Designs made only for a limited quantity. Some designs are customizable depending on the product. For every design in this product category the quantity is displayed on the details page.


The desire concerning this design was to make a lamp, which could be constructed entirely from Perspex parts, but also without the use of fasteners.

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Hanging Tulip

Made out of laser cut Perspex this beautiful minimalistic fixture is designed to hang above a nice bistro table or bar.

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TFP Colored (24 Pencils)

Made out of 3D printed parts and the nice colors of the BIG evolution pencil series this lamp will fit in any creative room.

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Globe 21

This stylish fixture combines the hard and cold material Perspex with the warmth and softness of beeshwood.

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