The designs in this section have been commissioned directly by a customer, taking into account their wishes and needs, as well as the location and capabilities of a particular space. After a thorough consultation on the project and the location, the creative process starts. Several settings are outlined which are first subjected to a feasibility test (technical, financial, etc.) after which designs that could be created will be presented to the customer as a sketch. He/she can then express their preference. If it is clear which design is preferred, the chosen design will then be created digitally and shown to the customer. If he/she agrees with what is shown, the first phase (design) is finalized and the second phase (production) is launched.

If required, a (partial) prototype can be made on specific aspects, for example for light effects or light output. In this phase the design can still be adjusted technically to meet all customer specifications. When agreement is reached. the design will then be built for the customer.


This fixture is designed to hang from a ceiling. It gives a beautiful lighting pattern visible on the sides of the roof as well as providing direct light into a given room.

It is fabricated with more than 600 parts and 128 led's which delicately light up any room.

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Circles 50/60/70

Delicate when OFF and futuristic when ON, this fixture is perfect right above a grand dining table!

These 3 Perspex circles contain 350 bright white led’s in total. They hang on 6 stainless steel wires which are fixed to the ceiling on 4 points.

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These designs are made for a special purpose, location or customer. The design is unique and will not be recreated for other customised productions.

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