Marlies Möller

Three hanging tulips have found a great space in Dusseldorf to illuminate Marlies Zanders hair dresser location, right in the front at the window shelf.

Next to this, a showmap with the complet collection is also available which displays the different features, measures and pictures.

Hanging tulips: a subtle design blends in with the materials used in its environment. The seven "petals" of this indicator provide a soft light refraction so that the space is illuminated elegantly. This combination with the selected light bulb which functions as a "chalice" and makes it a whole.

Almost 100 stars

This "geodesic dome" originated from mathematics. A sphere composed entirely out of triangles. In order to achieve this more than 1.200 parts have been used! Nearly 600 LEDs have been used for the construction which spread the light in all directions. The chosen LED create the impression that, passing by, always others stars illuminate.

Because of its open structure the whole creates a "wow" effect in any appropriate space.

Geodesic dome - How it's made

Designday 2016

I will be present at the Designday 2016 from the 27th till the 29th of May at the Decorfabriek in Maastricht.

Designday is a surprising and unique podium for designers that design as well as physically create one-of-a-kind concepts that are produced in limited editions, with sustainability as a sympathetic unifying theme. The event is held at the historic, industrial Decorfabriek in Maastricht.